English as a Global Language and its Impact on Education in Malaysia

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The spread of English has often been seen as natural, neutral, and beneficial. However, it is also widely recognized that English has become increasingly dominant the world over, with implications for the native language, culture, and identity. This paper discusses the role of the English language in Malaysia. Specifically, it discusses its role in nation building, the changing roles that English has played in the country, the policies that have been instituted to support these roles, and the effect of these policies on Malaysians. The paper especially focuses on the renewed importance that has been given to English in the country as well as the effect of English proficiency on Malaysians in terms of social and educational mobility. It concludes with a discussion of the implications of the present policies on English for teachers and policy makers.

Keywords: global English, language policy, education
Stream: Language, Linguistics
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Dr. Ratnawati Mohd Asraf

Assoc Professor, Institute of Education, International Islamic University Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ratnawati Mohd Asraf is an associate professor at the Institute of Education, International Islamic University Malaysia, and editor of a refereed journal, Educational Awakening: Journal of the Educational Sciences. She has worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, and has published in the areas of reading, literacy education, and second and foreign language learning and teaching.

Ref: H08P0096