An Ontology of the Text: Shifting between Theory and Pragmatism

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In their article on "Intention, Interpretation and Literature" (“Against Theory”, 1982), Steven Knapp and Walter Benn Michaels focus on the articulation of the notions of intention and interpretation in literature. Their article was clearly intended as a manifesto against theory while it really leads to a new way of defining the literary text, shifting between theory and pragmatism. Hence, can theory still make its point in literary creation? We will use the case of the classics as an example to try to comprehend what that more practical approach implies as far as literary creation is concerned, enquiring about the nature of the classics, their inherent and compelling necessity, and pedagogy. We will ultimatelaty discuss the renewal of literature and how both theory and pragmatism participate in the process.

Keywords: Literature, Literary Creation, Literary Theory, Pragmatism, Text, Classics
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
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Dr. Elise Bayle

Teacher, Modern Languages, Royal St George's College
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elise Bayle is a Ph.D. student at the University of Paris 10. She researches on the theory, practice and pedagogy of creative writing in English under the supervision of Professor Ronald Shusterman. She graduated from the University of Bordeaux 3 in English Studies in 2004, after completing her Masters on the process of creative writing. She focuses mainly on creative writing as a literary process and as a subject taught at different levels in the Anglo-Saxon educational system. A Teaching Assistant to the French Department of York University (Toronto, Canada), she is currently residing in Toronto, Canada, where she teaches French at an independant boys' school, Royal Saint George's College.
As an author, she published poetry and short fiction in Australia, Canada and France.

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