The New Female Muslim Thinkers or DWEMS (Daring Women as Enlightened Muslim Scholars)

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This study seeks to anchor the subject of Muslim women thinkers in a post-colonial, post-patriarchal, post-modern, post DWEM (read Dead White European Males), post-feminist/third wave, and post-Islamist theoretical framework and to outline a synthesis which purports to describe and portray the new DWEMS or the emergent Daring Women as Enlightened Muslim Scholars. Equipping themselves with both secular and sacred devices, in addition to a propensity for audacity, determination, charisma, spirit, self-reliance, prowess, resolution, stamina, spunk and pluck, the new DWEMS leave no stone unturned. They now immerse themselves in Quranic hermeneutics from a feminist standpoint, and now venture towards every possible secular paradigm to bring in a new voice that is neither too codified and rigid nor too disarrayed and loose. This seemingly third world-ish, third way-ish, "Wassatiyya" (in-between) type of thinking is multi-dimensional in its approaches and intentions where not only secular reasoning and religious thought but also sartorial choices are often blurred and imbricated, refusing reductionism and essentialism.

Keywords: Islamic Feminism, Female Exegetes, Islamic Re-renaissance, The New Hermeneutics, Aka Tajdeed in Arabic and Nouvellisme in French, The Greater Jihad, Ijtihaad
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
Presentation Type: Plenary Presentation in English
Paper: New Female Muslim Thinkers or DWEMS (Daring Women as Enlightened Muslim Scholars), The

Dr. Souad Halila

University of Tunis Al Manar

Ref: H08P0742