History on Line: Digitalization of Classics of History of Education in Turkey

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Innovations in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have an important effect on the development of globalization and influence all areas of economic and social life, all segments of the society. These technologies already put their mark on the twenty first century and laid the foundation for a new social transformation towards "information society". In Turkey, endeavors on transformation into an information society have also started to gain momentum since early 2000s in parallel to these developments.

Turkey has been familiar with the web-based sources since 1990s, and even in this short period, it has recorded some successes. It is clear that Turkish educational institutions are certainly possible arenas for the application of web-based or online education in the field of history.

The History on Line Project, which is approved by the European Commission under the Life Long Learning program, aims to digitize the classics of history of education (including pedagogy) in the partner countries. As part of the project, a database concerning schools textbooks and manuals will also be digitized and prepared for virtual exploitation. The most important output of the project will be the virtual access for the amateur as well as professional researchers to the primary sources and secondary literature produced on these primary sources on the same web portal (www.history-on-line.eu ). The website and the portal will include bibliographies and webliographies. All these data will obviously enable the researcher to compare the sources and make his own evaluation.

Keywords: History, Historiography, Technology
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Ebubekir Ceylan

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