The Flooding of Foreign Workers and the Impact on Changing the Culture of the Local Society

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The disasters and incidents at countries such as China, India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia and also their political situation had made the current immigrant from that countries flooding in Malaysia as foreign workforce. This was also due to the fact that the growth of the Malaysia economic had obviously made them want to work and start a new life in this country. Yet an entry impact on foreign workers in Malaysia has pay various impact to the culture and language among the local society. Apart from that, a negative impact arise, about the deviation culture and language aspects because these foreign workers have formed a social organization and their own culture. Even the control and the migration of foreign workers have spaced and distanced the local people on chances to feel the economic wealth in their own country. In connection with that the research is carried out to find out how far threat happens in the Malaysian culture with an impact from the arrival of these foreign workers?. What are the language and culture aspects that have been protested and how is the local society defend the Malaysian language and culture? Hence this paper is going to discuss the impact on the arrival of the foreign workers to the culture of the local society. The samples of the research are comprised of 50 foreign workers and 50 local societies that were chosen randomly around Serdang, Bangi and Kajang area. The research data is grouped by using questionnaire and interviews, and analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively.

Keywords: Language and Culture, Immigrant Workers
Stream: Globalisation
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Dr. Zaitul Azma Zainon Hamzah

Lecturer, Department of Malay Language, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Zaitul Azma Zainon Hamzah is a lecturer in the Malay Language Department, Faculty of Modern languages and Communication, University Putra Malaysia (UPM). She holds a Certificate of Education in Teaching Young Children, Bacelor of Education in Teaching Malay Language , Master Degree in Malay Studies (Semantic and Pragmatic) and her Doctoral Degree in Semantic and Pragmatic. Her area of interests are Semantic and Pragmatic, Sosiopragmatic, Semantic Cognitive, Teaching Malay Language, Translation and Qualitatif Research in the Malay Studies . Currently supervising Masters and Ph.D students in mastering the qualitative research in Malay Linguistic and the Teaching and Learning of Malay Language

Prof Dr. Normaliza Abd Rahim

Lecturer, Department of Malay Language, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Dr. Normaliza Abd Rahim is currently the coordinator for the Translation and Intepretation and Language Technology Lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia. Due to her keen interest in language technology in teaching and learning, and her wide experience in teaching the English language courses, she was appointed as the consultant for curriculum development for private universities and colleges in one of the states in Malaysia. As such, she provides assistance in developing activities to enhance the usage of English language by using the computer amongst the students in the university. She is also interested on special educational needs children where at present she is the consultant for one of the states in Malaysia. She involves voluntarily in giving advice to parents and teachers of the special needs.

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