Human Thought, Cyberspace, and Pedagogy

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The growth of human consciousness (awareness) has run parallel to the growth in the technology of communication. The recent conflict in academe, which pits the teaching of traditional, or canonical, literature against the teaching of non-traditional, or non-canonical, literature can be seen as a product of the development of awareness. Based on a study of the past, the change to a new pedagogy may be seen as inevitable, especially in the light of our changing technology, which itself may be seen as the means by which we are able to change our way of thinking.

Keywords: Human Consciousness, Pedagogy, Literature, Ways of Thinking
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Human Thought, Pedagogy, and Cyberspace

Dr. Patsy J. Daniels

Associate Professor of English, Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages, Jackson State University
Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Patsy J. Daniels is an Associate Professor of English at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. She was educated in Nebraska and Pennsylvania. Her first book is in the area of Cultural Studies; her work in progress will trace sociological influences on twentieth-century American fiction. She lives in Florence, Mississippi with her husband and daughter.

Ref: H08P0687