The Articulation of Narcoviolence in Borderland Novels as perceived by Cormac McCarthy, No country for old men and Ricardo Guzmán Wollfer, La frontera huele a sangre

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This study will delineate how the articulation of narcoviolence in Borderland novels is the result of intuitive cognition on the part of Cormac McCarthy and Ricardo Guzmán Wollfer. Their novels are an exposé of the conceptualization of power, within the historical, political, and social malee of the Borderlands.
Crucial to these novels is the utilization of a double discourse that renders a third dimension, a space for the dominance of narcoviolence. This double discourse edifies the modalities of life on the Borderlands.In the case of these two novels, the narratives unravel and reveal real life experiences of its Border subjects as they struggle within a complex matrix of Dominance by coercion and subjugation, closely akin to the complex matrix of Dominance in Colonialism. The narratives of these novels forged on postcolonial modalities are further modified and distorted by the effects of narcoviolence, with the creation of new identities, hybridities, dislocations, resistance and exile. These novels deploy a bi-cultural/bi-lingual hybrid narrative which in its self cannotes and affirm violence. As this study will show, the perception conceived by each author renders a different conceptualization of the matrix of power, the matrix of dominance. This presentation will delineate the vision of each novelist which is clearly perceived in accordance with which side of the Border the author stands. The perception of the hydra of villainy differs on each side of the Border, yet both authors ultimately acknowledge that the ultimate tragedy befalls upon the entire Borderlands.

Keywords: Articulation of Narcoviolence, Intuitive Cognition, Double Discourse, Matrix of Power, Matrix of Dominance, Postcolonial Modalities, Bi-cultural/Bi-lingual Hybrid, Hybridity
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
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Prof. Ramiro R. Rea

Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, The University of Texas Pan - American
Edinburg, Texas, USA

I am a professor of Latin American Literature, with a teaching experience of 37 years. I teach the Survey of Latin American Literature, Latin American Short Story, Latin American Essay, Latin American Novel, Contemporary Latin American Literature, Mexican Novel, Novels of the Mexican Revolution,Mexican Short Story, Contemporary Mexican Literature, Borderland Literature,and Modern Classical Literature. My research is presently focused on Borderland Literature (Novel, the depiction of Kickapoos and Mascogos in Borderland Literature, and nacroviolence in Borderland Literature.

Ref: H08P0683