Interfaith Encounter between Muslims, Christians and Jews in Israel

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The presentation analyzes the unique group processes that occurred during a course training facilitators for interfaith dialogue. The group comprised participants from three religious identities: Jews, Christians and Muslims. Analysis of the findings indicates several important issues, the authors chose to focus on four main phenomena: From three identities to we and them, the third is excluded; religious identity and other significant identities of the individual and the group; ethnocentrism and the inter-ethnic-religious conflict; and situations of openness, curiosity and mutual learning. This experience showed the complexity in the dialogue between the three monotheistic faiths on the background of the national social conflict in which the Christians and Muslims, as belonging to the Palestinian Arab identity, are in conflict with the Jewish national identity.

Keywords: Interfaith Dialogue, Religious Identity, Inter-Group Conflict
Stream: Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: , , , Interfaith Encounter between Muslims, Christians and Jews in Israel

Victor Shebar

Sociologist, Psychodramatist, Lecturer, Psychology, The Hebrew University of  Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Khansaa Diab

Lecturer, Researcher, Management, The David Yellin College of Education
Jerusalem, Israel, Israel

Lecturer and Research in Education and multicultural Education. Facilitator in cross cultural settings.

Ref: H08P0677