Identity in a Hyperreal World: How Is Identity Shaped in Cyberspace?

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In this article I have focused on the way though which identity be created or recreated in cyberspace through computer mediated communication by emphasising on the importance of media and particularly the Internet in the process of socialisation. I used Baudrillard’s conception of Hyperreality along with the division between the first and second media age and network integration to conclude that cyberspace produce new identities which are characterised as hyperreal, multiple, fluid, mediated, saturated, and global. Finally, I have claimed that the dominant means of communication determine the certain type of identity in each age and suggested the possible problems of transforming to the new era.

Keywords: Identity, Computer Mediated Communication, Hyperreality
Stream: Cyberspace, Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: , Identity in Hyperreal World

Mohammad Hossein Kazeroun

Post-graduate Student, Department of Sociology, University of Birmingham
Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

I was born in Tehran, Iran at 1984. I started sociology at the University of Tehran in 2002 and studied Islamic philosophy at the same time. I graduated from the faculty of Social Sciences in June 2006 with grade A and then I migrated to the UK. I started my postgraduate studies at the University of Birmingham in October 2007 and I am doing an MA on Media, Culture and Society at the department of sociology. My research interest is the internet and its socio-political aspects.

Ref: H08P0637