Marginalization and Urban Poverty: Reality and Aspirations of the Urban Poor

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Rapid development and economic growth in a city have often been associated with the increasing rate of urbanization in Malaysian cities. However, in the midst of this impressive growth, there are still city dwellers who live in poverty and backwardness. The existence of poverty in the midst of urban economic growth is a symbol of their marginalization from the city's growth. This is a result of the marginalization process that has resulted in them being marginalized from reaping the fruits of success and enjoying the benefits of richness, development and growth in the urban areas. In the long run this marginalization will result in their confined and prolonged condition of poverty.
Consequently, this paper will attempt to deliberate on two aspects of poverty issues: First, focusing on the marginalization faced by the hardcore poor in an urban area especially in Kuala Lumpur; with emphasis on the factors which are the causes of the marginalization. This is vital to get a global picture on the urban poverty and marginalization issues faced by this group. Secondly, this paper will discuss on aspirations of the urban poor to overcome their marginalization, with emphasis on the entrepreneurship approaches that could be helpful to them to be involved in the socio-economy activities in the urban areas.

Keywords: Urban Poverty, Marginalization and Entrepreneurship Strategy
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Dr. Mohd Taib Dora

Profesor, Centre for Languages and Human Development., University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka. MALAYSIA
Melaka, Malaysia

Profesor in Sociology. Dean, Centre for Languages and Human Development,at University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka. Ph.D (Urban Sociology) in 1997 from University of Malaya. Areas of specialization and interest: poverty, social impact assessment and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Abu Bakar Mohd. Diah

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Civil Engineering, University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.
Melaka, Malaysia

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Ph.D in Civil Engineering (Building).

Ref: H08P0624