The Grotesque and Sublime in 'The Metamorphosis': Revising Kafka through Bloom's 'Map of Misreading'

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"We must try to get rid of it," says Grete Samsa, of her brother the insect. Through Gregor's horror, Grete has become active, and she comes to represent the new future-orientation of her parents once the Gregor-insect has dried out and died. Bloom's "Map of Misreading" brings us into a close reading of Kafka's grotesque fable, helping us to see Kafka's precise use of literary figures to undermine his superficial suggestion of a romantic conclusion to the Samsa's crisis: as if the promise of her "young body" can redeem Gregor's disappearance into a no-time beyond language and human community.

Keywords: Kafka, Harold Bloom, Grotesque, Sublime, Alienation
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: “We must try to get rid of it”

Dr. Susan Marie Dodd

Senior Fellow, Foundation Year Programme, University of King’s College
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ref: H08P0562