Time and Timlessness in Eliot's Poetry

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The notion of time is one of the recurring themes in T.S.Eliot's works. He researched this idea from different perspectives. He explored it through philosophy, arts, and literature. To him the opposition between time and timelessness is crucial to much of his work. He develops this idea in a symbol that appears frequently in his poetry, it is the turning of the wheel. He combined his metaphysical wit with his artistic talents to express his theory of time and timelessness. This paper investigates this theory as reflected in Eliot's poetry. It examines Eliot's notion of time, timelessness, wheel of time, and the still point. This paper will give a new vision and and a new criticism of Eliot's artistic mind and vision in explaining such important notion of time.

Keywords: Time, Timelessness, Poetry
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
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Khawla Alkareem

University Teacher, College of Arts, Tikrit University
Tikrit, Salahadeen Province, Iraq

Khawla Alkareem, M.A in comparative literature, Poetess, Researcher, Writer

Ref: H08P0548