A Distant Face: Inside Beirut's Postcard City

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This paper focuses on the various semblances of the postcard in Beirut. It traces the path of the postcard in the city, from its colonial origins to its readaptation in Contemporary Lebanese Art. In particular, it focuses on the exchange between the ‘postcard city’ and the city itself that takes place as the postcard is constructed and reconstructed. Taking Barthes’ theory of the photograph as a point of departure, the paper attempts a rereading of the photograph in relation to Beirut’s postcards. In doing so, the paper raises questions about representation, memory and the role of the image in the process of the city’s recovery from a number of protracted conflicts and its continuing subjection to frequent civil violence.

Keywords: Representation, Memory, War, Image, Photograph
Stream: Aesthetics, Design
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: , Distant Face, A

Nour Dados

PhD Candidate/Academic Tutor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Technology Sydney
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Nour Dados is completing a research thesis at the University of Technology Sydney where she also tutors in Cultural Studies. Her research is in representation, place and the politics of translation. She is also a freelance translator and has translated books and articles that have been published in English.

Ref: H08P0519