Angolan Literature and Postcolonialism in Portuguese: A Sociological Approach

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In this communication we intend to discuss the first results of a research which as has the main objective to emphasize the contribution of Angolan literature to postcolonial contexts and theories in "Portuguese language". At first we will try to show how different identities are represented in narratives of post-independence of Angola, according to Manuel Rui, and suggest other ways to analyse the postcolonial theories and conventional methodological proceedings in sociological analyses. We also assume that his narratives- produced in and about Angolan post-independence- is also an idelogical resource that allow us to rethink the conceptualization of social relations and their influence in understanding both Portuguese and Angolan postcolonial contexts. By studying the subjectivities in Angolan fiction we are looking for other siciological knowledge they can produce.

Keywords: Angolan Literature, Postcolonialism, Sociology
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Mestre Paula Cristina Medeiros

Associate Professor, Department of Social and Human Sciences
School of Education Paula Frassinetti
CES and Faculdade de Economia, University of Coimbra

Porto, Portugal

Ref: H08P0503