Reflection on the Concept of Exporting the Revolution in Two Iranian Revolutionary Journals: Discourse Analysis and Revitalization of Historical Events

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Revolutions are international phenomena, not only because they may cause military conflicts between countries, but also their ideas and goals usually spread in a large part of the world, attracting other nations. These beliefs may create a new wave of revolutionary fever. The 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran was no different from classic Revolutions, in this regard, as all wishes to change the international order. The notion the continuity of the Islamic Revolution has even been mentioned in the Preamble and Articles 3, 152 and 154 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, giving an official status to the conceptions of export, spread, and reflection. The strategies for spreading the Revolution to the neighboring countries and the regional and international arena has so far been based on four programmes: pattern making, awareness, training and supporting friendly liberation movements. Given that the development of the notion of revolution export is a reflection of the internal dynamism of Iranian politics, the author assesses the contents of two important journals of the early days of the Revolution, using discourse analysis method. These are the Mardom [People] journal of the Toodeh communist Party and Payam-e Enqelab [Message of the Revolution], the official journal of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The main question in this paper is that which internal sub-discourse within the Islamic Revolution gave rise to the notions of continuity and export of the revolution, and how did the notions appear in the Revolutionary discourse.

Keywords: Export of Revolution, The Islamic Revolution of Iran, Discourse Analysis, The Mardom Journal, The Toodeh communist Party, The Payam-e Enqelab Journal, The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps
Stream: History, Historiography , Political Science, Politics
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Dr Mohsen Khalili

Assisstant Professor, Department of Politics
Faculty of Economics, Ferdowsi University

Mashhad, Khorasan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I have done my BA, MA, and Phd in politics at the University of Tehran. I have published about 50 papers in various research journal in Iran. My research interests include: contemporary political history of Iran, constitutional law, Iran's foreign policy. Currently, I am an assistant professor in politics at Politics Department, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Iran).

Ref: H08P0481