Parental Involvement and Immigrants: Practical Suggestions for Future Teacher Education

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We would like to propose a multidirectional discussion on improving immigrants’ parental involvement for pre-service teacher education and in-service teacher workshops. Teacher education programs provide courses which equip pre-service teachers with knowledge on how to teach a particular subject and psychology of particular age groups. Although parental involvement is widely recognized as an important part of children’s academic achievement, the U. S. teacher education programs place little emphasis on practical suggestions for how to involve parents. With today’s high mobility in immigration, this is no longer a topic concerning the U. S. alone. It is a universal issue which scholars, teacher educators, and in-service teachers of various countries can discuss to find some practical suggestions for teachers to further encourage parental involvement of immigrant parents.

It is important to notice that each culture has different definition of parental involvement as well as different beliefs on the roles of schools and teachers. Teachers may welcome parents’ active participation in their children’s academic growth while immigrant parents may view that speaking to teachers is an act of challenging and disrespecting the teachers’ authority. When what is as basic as definition is different, how are teachers to effectively encourage parental involvement? We suggest that teacher education helps pre-service teachers to be equipped with abilities to recognize their own assumptions as well as immigrant parents’.

Keywords: Parental Involvement, Teacher Education, Immigrant Parents, Diversity
Stream: Language, Linguistics
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Parental Involvement and Immigrants

Naoko Ozaki

PhD Candidate, Language Education, Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Kako Koshino

PhD Student, Language Education, Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Ref: H08P0444