Malay Historical Thought in 15th Century Malacca

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Historical Writing in the Malay World is not a new field. In fact, history has been written since the 14th century or earlier. Some scholars are of the view that historical writings did not exist in the traditional period. They argue that such writings contain irrational matters and hence are more closely related to literary works. Because of that, they claim there is no historical thought among the Malays.

This paper will examine the Malay historical thought in the 15th Century Malacca. The existence of Malay historical ideas could be seen after the coming of Islam in Malacca. Based on Sejarah Melayu (the Malay Annals) which is regarded as the Malay magnum opus, this study will discuss briefly about the Malay society before the arrival of Islam in order to compare them with the society in the 15th century. The arrival of Islam to Malacca has given a great impact to the society especially in educating them to the Islamic way of life which eventually has influenced their new historical framework.

Keywords: Historical Thought, Historical Writings
Stream: History, Historiography
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Paper: The Malay Historical Thought in the 15th Century Malacca

Arbaiyah Mohd Noor

Lecturer, Department of History, University of Malaya
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

B.A in History & Civilization
M.A. in History of Ideas
Ph.D in History.

My interest are on Malay Historical Ideas, Malay Historiography and Malay Sultanate.

Ref: H08P0425