Crime Rate Scenario (Qazf, Fornication and Adultery) in Pakistan after the Promulgation of Hudud Laws in 1979

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Upon the implementation of the Hudud Laws 1979 in Pakistan, the study of and criticism on these laws is one of the most favourite and attractive topics among the politicians generally and intellectuals particularly. But these said laws did not attract the view point of academicians considerably. These Hudud Laws, viz. Offence of Zina (Enforcement of Hudud) Ordinance and Offence of Qazf (Enforcement of Hadd) Ordinance 1979, the most controversial laws of the country, were promulgated by military government during the absence of the Parliament. As a result a number of questions arose which are still require addressing. A number of reports has since been prepared and submitted to the quarter concerned, but none of them looked at the real canvas of crimes in the country prior to the issuance and after the implementation of these laws. Thus the paper aims to dig out the real reflection of these laws on the Pakistani society, by viewing official crime data, official reports prepared by various commission/bodies of Pakistan, and with the help of other documents. Presenting the conclusion of the study, it is hoped that the findings of the author would be considerable contribution for the promotion of knowledge.

Keywords: Law, Crime, Society
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Dr Shahzad Iqbal Sham

Assistant Professor, Shariah Academy, International Islamaic University
Islamabad, Pakistan

Shahzad Iqbal Sham (1954, Rawalpindi-Pakistan), Married with two kids
Ph.D. Title of the Thesis: Islamic Provisions in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973: 30 years of implementation in the perspective of Executive Orders and Judicial Decisions, M. Phil Title of the Thesis: Islamic Provisions in the Constitutions of Pakistan : An Analytical and Critical Study, LL.B. International Islamic University, Islamabad, M.A. (Islamic Studies)- University of the Punjab, Assistant Professor, Shari’ah Academy, Shah Faisal Masjid Campus, International Islamic University, Islamabad, authored several books on Islamic law and presented papers in several national & International Conferences, visited several countries, organized law conferences in the Philippines (twice) and South Africa.

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