Raising Pupils’ Attainment through Integrating Cultural Identity Programmes into Secondary School Curriculum

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The aim of this presentation is to approach learning not as a purely cognitive process, but a complex realm that involves integration of cognitive, emotional, cultural, spiritual and bodily parts of the self. In particular, it will focus on teaching practices that consider nurturing cultural identities to be an important aspect in raising academic attainment through assuring pupils’ well being – their self-understanding and expression which consequently leads to an increased cultural awareness and understanding of others.

This presentation will introduce a small scale action research project conducted in an inner-London city school, with over 50 community languages spoken by its pupils; the language resourcefulness of the school has been used as a platform for encouraging a dialogue on cultures, deepening cultural understanding, creating meaningful relationships and cross-cultural learning, which have altogether equipped pupils to become more effective collaborative learners.

Finally, I hope this presentation will initiate a dialogue about the ways in which cross-cultural learning programmes could be integrated and expanded into the national curriculum for secondary schools and everyday teaching and learning practices as a possible way of raising pupils’ academic attainment.

Keywords: Cultural Identity, Academic Attenment in Secondary Schools, Innovative Learning Programmes
Stream: Language, Linguistics
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Azemina Miftaroska

Nurture Teacher, Nurture department
EAL departmenet, Walworth Academy, ARK Schools

London, UK

Azemina Miftaroska, BA; MA Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling, UKCP reg.; Postgraduate Certificate in Schools Development

Azemina Miftaroska is a Nurture Teacher at Walworth Academy in London. She is also a UKCP registered Existential psychotherapist, specialising in post-traumatic stress disorder. Both her teaching and psychotherapy work are inspired by existential thinking, especially philosophy of Martin Buber and Martin Heidegger. She is currently working towards her MA in Schools Development at Canterbury Christ Church University and is involved in leading an action research project that promotes implementation of philosophical perspectives in current educational practices.

Her recent conference presentations include:
-IV World Congress on Traumatic Stress, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2006
-7th International Congress on Traumatic Stress, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007
-10th International Conference in Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, Sun City, South Africa 2007

Ref: H08P0405