Bullying: The Role of Educational Professionals.

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The paper examines the role of schools and educational professionals in relation to children who have been bullied. The study explores the role of educational professionals on the basis of information from in-depth interviews with 14 people who experienced substantial childhood bullying and now define themselves as survivors. The results show that schools need to provide ongoing support, intervention, role models and protection. Generally, educational professionals have an essential role in working with children who have been bullied.

Keywords: Bullying
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Paper: Bullying,

Dr. Mira Mayer

Associate Professor Coundeling, California State University Stanislaus, College of Education
Turlock, California, USA

A Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati in 1997. An Associate professor at CSU Stanislaus since 1998 -present. Published articles in national & international journals; on Grief &loss; Grandparents rearing grandchildren; Chronic Sorrow in spouses of patients with Alzheimer’s disease; Dropout rates off Mexican American students in California schools; Field placement issues etc...

Ref: H08P0396