That 'Other' Identity: The Identity Crisis in the Albania of Today

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“We live in a postcolonial neo-colonized world.” declares Gayatri Ch. Spivak. Balkans, this twilight area, having experienced century long invasions- as that of the Ottoman Empire- and severe dictatorial regimes, lack a proper tradition of self governing. With the fall of Berlin Wall and the political changes that happened in the so-called East Block, these countries were fast in embracing the dreamt western European model of governing and together with that the western model culture. Lacking time and highly effected by the dream of globalization and that of the European Union, these small central Europe countries swallow ‘westernalization’ without being able to ‘digest’ it properly. Even better, ‘westernalization’ swallows them. In the beginning of this third millennium, Albanians, one of the autochthonous populations of these regions is questioning its roots, culture and national identity in order to find its place among the western civilization. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the identity and cultural issue experienced by the Albanians of today, as the natives of a tradition and as the ‘othered’ of their own culture, under the light of the greatest Albanian writer of today Ismail Kadare’s work The European Identity of Albanians.

Keywords: Post-colonialism, Neo-colonialism, Culture, Identity, Balkans, Albania
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: ‘Other’ Identity, That

Edona Llukacaj

Affiliation not supplied
Tirana, Albania

Edona LLUKACAJ was born in 20.07.1983, in Albania.
She graduated from Istanbul University, American Culture and Literature, in 2005 and now she is an Ma candidate in Fatih University, English Language and Literature Department.
Her position is Preparatory School Coordinator in Epoka University and English Teacher in Meridian Language Centre, in Tirana, Albania.
She is a fluent speaker of English, Turkish and Italian.
Translator of some English books into Albanian, such as M.J Pellowsky's 'Double Trouble', B.Cosby's "Fatherhood", and Ch. Dickens' "The Tale of Two Cities", her first paper presentation was made in the semposium "Metamorphosis and Place" held in May 2007 in Fatih University.

Ref: H08P0371