The Real Terrorist: Islam?

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It has been 6 years since the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and in them six years the world has learnt that Muslims play a major part in extremists acts around the world. It is alleged by numerous western scholars that Islam creates a premise that allows Muslims to terrorise unbelievers. The paper will make the reader learn and understand that terrorism is not a religious phenomena but rather a social and political one. The paper will set to answer the questions regarding the link placed by many scholars between terrorism and Islam. The paper is not only to bring new knowledge to the field and teach the academics but also for those that believe that terrorism was fashioned through the decorative calligraphy of the Koran and that believe to kill oneself through suicide is justified in Islam – neither positions are supported by Islam or the Koran despite the current minute following of Muslims of this premise in the world, this paper will look at the ideal Islam when raising and answering questions in regards to terrorism.

Keywords: Islam, Muslims, Communities, Hezbollah, Hamas, 7/7, 9/11, The Queen, America, Middle East, Terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine.
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Cameron Iqbal

Student Researcher, Humanities, Law and Social Science, Manchester Metropolitan University
Manchester, England, UK

A PhD student commencing a thesis in Islam, Race Relations and the British Misconceptions of the Islamic Religion. The thesis further expands into the Islamic extremism looking the views of the British Muslim and how they perceive the Western Policies of the Middle East and how such a perception has has a drastic effect upon the attitudes and behaviours of the Muslims residing in Britain. The thesis looks into the banning of the religious symbols in France and the Danish Government's failure to condemn the publishing of the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the effect that had around the Muslim world.

He has completed a LLB (Hons) in Law and also a Masters in Philosophy. The Masters was based around looking at the history of the Police and the Black community going back to the 1958 riot of Notting Hill. The Masters looked at the history of race relations in Britain and the failure of the Government to take necessary action to prevent certain police officers and certain white residents of Notting Hill in racially abusing their Black residents that inevitably led to the outbreak of the worst riot in Britain in the 1950s.

He has also completed the Legal Practice Course making him a Solicitor with interests in Criminal Law, Islamic Law and Human Rights. Apart from that, he has experience in many areas of law that stem from the English Legal System. He has a strong legal experience from many reputable law firms and chambers. He is also in line to start lecturing in Law at the Manchester School of Law.

Ref: H08P0037