Cinema for the Very Small Screen: Design Elements for the Cell Phone Filmmaker

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Revisits the fundamental elements of visual and audio message design for the screen media (film, teleivison, video, photography) and examines the impact of adapting them for use in new technologies like cell phones, ipods, and blackberries. Extends the author's earlier work developing Dialogic Drama for Conflict Transformation, a new theoretical model of Drama for Conflict Transformation (DCT), by integrating communications theory and creativity studies with previous work in this field.

Keywords: New Technology, Drama for Conflict Transformation, Dialogic Drama for Conflict Transformation, cell Phone Applications, Intercultural Conflict, Filmic Arts, Cinema
Stream: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Cinema for the Very Small Screen

Dr. Kerric Harvey

Associate Professor, School of Media and Public Affairs, Suite 400, Media and Public Affairs Building, The George Washington University, 805 21st St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20052  USA, George Washington University
Arlington, Virginia, USA

A tenured associate professor at George Washington University, Dr. Kerric Harvey is also a working playwright and screenwriter who explores intercultural conflict in a variety of historical periods and places.

Ref: H08P0036