Clashing Against Modernism: Culture Versus Civilization and Discussions on Multicultural Conflict in the Developing Countries

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Although multiculturalism advocates living in a society that peacefully ignores differences, generally it may cause social separation and ethnic disintegration. Furthermore social separation and disintegration threats which are caused by multiculturalism, it suggests a greater risk factor for the underdeveloped world who fail to make their policies clear in terms of enabling the people to make transition between culture and civilization. The option of multicultural social formation which became a model during erosion within the structure of nation-state has actually no definite integrity of sense.

Many western intellectuals, who attracted attention with their statements mentioning that nation-state became old, now draw up books reclaiming state just 3-5 years after they wrote their impressive theses. Beyond the developed countries, the nation-state and its acquisitions are still mean magic formula for surviving and principal “complement” of social pattern systems for underdeveloped world.

It is not necessary to be a predictor to be able to observe the models followed in the developed world are not successful in the underdeveloped countries. If a collective civilization created by humanity in general is mentioned then it is necessary to accept that its pages are composed of not only different cultures but also different “civilization groups” where different national-religious cultures are gathered. Even if we call them Christian-Muslim-Brahman civilization groups, or East-West or North-South separation, it should be expected that each group should built up their own models around the axis of cultural accumulation that composes it. Therefore the article will begin with a general description of culture and civilization, the mode abided to in the culture-civilization argument in Turkey, multiculturalism and the different meanings of this reality in the developed and underdeveloped worlds will be attempted to be explained highlighting the practices of Turkey.

Keywords: Multiculturism, Culture, Civilization, Nation-state, Modernism
Stream: Globalisation
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Paper: Clashing against Modernism

Dr. Ahmed Baran Dural

Assistant Proffesor Doctor, TC Trakya University- Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty, Public Administration Department Merkez-Edirne /Turkey, TC Trakya University
İstanbul, Turkey

A. Baran Dural:

Assistant Professor Doctor. Dural has a doctorate degree on the “History of New-Era Turkish Politics” and gives lectures at Trakya University Public Administration Department. Heading the Political and Social Sciences Discipline, Dural has published several books and many articles on Ataturk and some aspects of Turkish Modernization process. The titles of his boks can be stated as fellows:

- His Story: Mustafa Kemal and Turkish Revolution (In English-2007)
- Revolt and Obeisance: Turkish Conservatism and Nurettin Topcu (2005)
- Leadership of Ataturk (2002,2004)
- Turkish Historical Novels (1991)

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