The Role of Techno-Scientific Community in Shaping National Consciousness, within the Framework of Ideological “Manipulation” of the Cultural Heritage: The Case of the Conservation of Acropolis’ Monuments since the 19th Century

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After the establishment of the Modern Greek state, the issue of the conservation of Acropolis’ monuments is raised for the first time by the German architect, archaeologist, and diplomat Leo von Klenze. The first works aim primarily at the cleansing of the place, by extrapolating any modern component; but they are neither based on specialized studies nor do they pay any serious attention to the modern history of the monuments. These restorations will reveal the aesthetic and broader artistic value of the monuments, tending to re-establish the archetype design and form, but they will also harm their overall identity and they will undermine the historical and social value of these monuments. The need for a documented conservation of the Acropolis monuments was express as early as the Second World War. This was underlined from time to time by the directors of it and was realized by special technicians and scientists as well as by a UNESCO expert team in 1971. In 1975 the Committee for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments (CCAM) was founded. The founding of the CCAM puts the problem on an effective basis, while at the same time the internationalization of the issue of the conservation of the cultural heritage minimizes the local ideological and political intervention, which nevertheless changes form: it is now related to issues regarding multiculturalism, the clash of civilizations and globalization. In this paper I attempt to describe some aspects of the relation between the humane heritage of the objects and the historical continuity, namely the relation of the constructed environment with history, memory and the past. I claim that the term “global cultural heritage” is not at all ideologically neutral.

Keywords: Acropolis’ Monuments, Techno-Scientific Community, Global Cultural Heritage
Stream: Globalisation
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Paper: , The Engineers’ Role in Shaping National Consciousness, within the Framework of Ideological “Manipulation” of the Cultural Heritage

Dr. Charalampos Kokkinos

Lecturer, Department of Humanities, Hellenic Open University

Dr. Charalampos Kokkinos was awarded his BSc and MSc degree in Chemical Engineering and his PhD in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology from the National Technical University of Athens. His publications and research interests include the history and theory of civilization and philosophy of technology. He is also interested in the preconditions for a more essential understanding among the researchers of the applied and the theoretical fields. He teaches at the Department of Humanities of the Hellenic Open University.

Ref: H08P0347