Marriage a la Mode: From John Dryden to Katherine Mansfield

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This proposal is an intertextual approach to Katherine Mansfield's short story "Marriage a la Mode". Starting from the similarity between the titling strategies of John Dryden and Katherine Mansfield, we are trying to establish intertextual connections, similarities or mere coincidences beween the Mansfielding short story Marriage a la Mode and the Drydenian comedy with a similar title. Besides trying to establish a detail of literary history - has Katherine Mansfield read or been acquainted with this Restoration comedy? – we look for wider forma mentis configurations that may link the Restoration and the modern age in terms of existential or philosophical approaches.

Keywords: Intertextuality, Gender, Restoration, Modernism, Title
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
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Dr. Michaela Mudure

Associate Professor, English Department, Babes-Bolyai University
Cluj, Romania

Ethnic studies, gender studies, the intersection between gender and ethnicity, New Literatures in English.
My background is English literature.

Ref: H08P0345