Education, Development and Unity

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Malaysia , as a developing country, has seen rapid changes in the economy. Since the implementation of the New Economic Policy in the 1970’s followed by the Master Industrial Plan and Outline Perspective Planning 1 and 2 ( OPP1 AND OPP2), the economy has seen structural changes from an agricultural economy to that of an industrial and knowledge-based economy. The education system has played a key role in producing a knowledgeable and skilled labour force to meet the demands of development as well as increasing competition from globalization. In the context of meeting the challenges of achieving full industrial nation status by 2020, there is however, increasing tension and conflict in the multi ethnic society, which if not tackled seriously, could jeopardize the economic and social stability. Based on the findings of research study this paper analyses on the integration and social behaviour of students in higher education and its implications on organizational policies towards integration and stability.

Keywords: Education policies, Development strategies, Polarization, Unity and integration
Stream: Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Education, Development and Unity

Professor Faridah Karim

Professor, Department of Methodology and Practise
Faculty of Education, National University of Malaysia

Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia

My Ph.D is from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. My area is in Economics Education and Social Development. I'm teaching mainly postgraduate courses in the faculty and besides supervision of Masters and Ph.D students , am involved in a number or research projects, funded either by the university or Ministry of Sience & Technology and Innovation. Currently, am doing research projects on multiculturism in institutions of higher learning. I have also been consultant to the Ministry of Education on the revision and development of the Economics curriculum for secondary schools

Ref: H08P0331