Country Brand Image in Transition: The case study of Cuba

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Country names evoke certain images when we come across them. In that sense, a coutry's name is similar to the brand name of a product and it carries and communicates a particular image. This image is something that governments use in the exercise of their domestic and foreign policies. In many cases, a positive image becomes the source of "soft power" in foreign policy. During times of economic, political and social changes, the brand image of a coutry's name can go through significant changes. This will affect both the image that foreigners have as well as the image that the coutry's citizens will have of their own country. The process and its implications are explored in the case study of Cuba which is undergoing a significant transition during this times of globalization. One part of the analysis is theoretical using some of Bakhtin's linguistic analysis and the other is data based from interviews and observations collected in Cuba in August 2008.

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John Pantzalis

Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business, School of Business, Saint Leo University
Saint Leo, Florida, USA

Born and raised in Greece. Went to school in Germany (Technische Universitaet Muenchen) and got a degree in Civil Engineering. Got an MBA and a Ph.D in Marketing from the University of Arizona, in Tucson. Taught at the Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Trade in China, at the Baruch College in New York, at the Oklahoma City University in Oklahoma and for the last 9 years at Saint Leo University in Florida. Academic interests are about marketing in social settings and brand image management. Non-academic interests include travelling, playing tennis, soccer, martial arts, meditation,exploring new cultures and learning foreigh languages.

Ref: H08P0327