The Scourge of Unemployment

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A lot has been said about unemployment in the world. Statistics have been provided to map where unemployment is concentrated, and Southern Africa is on the top of the list. Yet, little is done to understand various forms of unemployment, as a lot depends on the official definition of employment. In this paper, which focuses on the survey conducted in Soweto, a township in Johannesburg, the author argues that some of the employment types are 'partial employment', while others are 'fill-ins' depending on the nature of the activity. This approach questions and opposes popular belief that official statistics are the conerstone of employment figures. It argues that with partial employment and fill-ins, the rate of unemployment in South Africa could rise, as it does in Soweto.

Keywords: Employment, Unemployment, Partial Employment, Fill-ins
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Rudzani Mudau

Researcher, Centre for Sociological Research, University of Johannesburg
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Having acquired interest in Political Sociology while doing Honours, I continued to be involved in socio-political issues, which includes economic matters. In the six years in which I am in research, every project in which I was engaged, involved some socio-economic dynamics. In the recent project, I am a co-researcher with a colleague, investigating people's understanding of 'class' in Soweto, Johannesburg. I am principally involved in this project, from questionniare design, methodology, survey undertaking, and data analysis and report writing. This research not only allowed me to learn new terminology used by the people of Soweto, but also empowered me to add new concepts to social knowledge.

Ref: H08P0317