The Resurgence of Feminist Maternity and the Role as Mother: A Dissection of Simone de Beauvoir and Julia Kristeva

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The consensus is generally mute concerning the ultimately divergent perspectives from which Julia Kristeva and Simone de Beauvoir evaluate the social construction and the generalizable role of the mother in respectively, "The Mother and Motherhood (According to Giovanni Bellini)", and "The Second Sex." The interactionary aspect between mother and child, as an already undervalued aspect of scholarly discourse, is dissected by Kristeva as an undoubtedly intuitively based relationship, and by de Beauvoir as an entirely socially constructed one. The evaluation of the parallels in their individualized constructions of the relevancy of the mother and the role of motherhood in a highly masculinized society is crucial to the further development of feminist consciousness. Their oppositional standpoints concerning the specificity of the origination of motherhood as a social obligation exemplify their overall differences in the process of deconstructing the meaning behind an obligatory role such as the mother. Kristeva and de Beauvoir essentially differ in their criticisms of mainstream conceptions of motherhood, yet the mapping of their similarities is necessary to generating a clear theoretical basis for the role of the mother.

Keywords: Literary theory, Feminism, Women's Studies, Literature, Philosophy
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Virginia Howard

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