Deja Vu: Britain's 1882 Invasion of Egypt and the US 2003 Invasion of Iraq

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Britain and the US invaded and occupied a Middle Eastern country a century apart, but the justification and rationale for these actions have proven to be similar enough to provoke a comparison. Both Britain and the US convinced the public that first Egypt and then Iraq had weapons of "mass destruction", and in both cases that they were going to remove dictatorship and restore freedom and democracy. Both destroyed portions of major population centers (Alexandria and Baghdad)then blamed it on the retreating forces, further justifying the invasion. Both took their cases belatedly to the appropriate international bodies (Concert of Europe and the UN) for approval, but found no support. End the end, Britain planned to stay 6 months to a year, but remained for 72 years. US planned to remain a year,but after 5 years there is no end in sight.

Keywords: British Invasion of Egypt, US Invasion of Iraq
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Dr. Robert Harrison

Professor of History, Department of History
School of Arts, Letters and Science, Southern Oregon University

Ashland, Oregon, USA

History professor at Southern Oregon University for last 17 years. Have received Fulbright to Egypt, NEH grants to Princeton and UT Austin, and Joseph Malone Fellowship to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Have published one book "Gladstone's Imperialism in Egypt" Greenwood Press 1995, and just submitted new work "Britain's Long Moment in the Middle East 1815-1971" to I.B.Tauris. Special interest in British imperialism, especially in Middle East. Teach variety of history subjects including World Civilizations, Modern Europe, Islamic Middle East, Ottoman History, World War I, Imperial Russia, Tudor-Stuart England and British Empire. Enjoy trout fishing, travel and research. Recently engaged to be married.

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