Information Technology and Religious Education: Challenges and Problems

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Unexpected advancements of information technology (IT) bring about a number of pleasant and unpleasant developments especially in social, cultural and political arenas. It has also incurred much influence on the educational domain in general and religious education, in particular. With the advancements in IT, the velocity of information production has expanded too, at the global level. These expansions lead to the delegitimation of knowledge, equalization of information with knowledge or predominance of information on knowledge. This advancement also caused epistemological challenges for the religious education process that will be discussed in the first part of the article. On the other side, growth of internet has created a condition that is being called as rhizomatic space. The second section will cover rhizomatic space that possesses a new methodological characteristic and create problem for religious education. IT at the same time generates a particular space that is being called as hypertext space, which weakens the place of text in the educational process. This textual development also presents troubles for the religious education especially in the domain of religious fundamentalist societies. In fact, the present article has made an attempt to study epistemological, methodological and contextual problems and challenges of IT for religious education processes.

Keywords: Information Technology, Religious Education, Epistemology, Methodology, Content
Stream: Knowledge , Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness , Religion, Spirituality
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Prof. Seyed Mahdi Sajjadi

Academic Staff, Department of Education, Tarbiat Modares University
Tehran, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I am an academic staff of Tarbiat Modares University.My academic field is philosophy of education(PH.D).My interests are study about epistemology,methodology ,Postmodernism,ICT and its impacts on education specially religious education.

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