Challenges to the Development of Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences

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Last 30 years has witnessed a rapid development in the humanities and social sciences as academic disciplines in China. Chinese scholars have been interested in learning western methods in their research and have become familiar with achievements in the outside world. Yet, globalization vs. localization, national interests vs. universal enquiry, diversity vs. standardization, have remained the focus of the debates among the Chinese academia since early 90s. These debates have affected the path of Chinese academic development. This paper aims to examine the recent and the possible trend of Chinese academic development, to see to what extent, internal political and social environments and external academic influence, have affected Chinese mainstream academic development.

Keywords: Chinese Humanities, Social Sciences
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Dr. Yufan Hao

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Macau
Macau, China

Hao Yufan is Professor of Political Science and the Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at University of Macau. He obtained his PhD from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in 1989 and was a McArthur Fellow at Harvard University Center for International Affairs 1988-1989. He has published widely on Chinese politics, Chinese foreign relations, U.S.-China relations, and American politics in such journals as Asian Survey, Asian Perspective, American Review of China Studies, American Studies Quarterly, China Quarterly, Issues and Studies, Journal of Democracy, Journal of Contemporary China, Journal of Northeast Asian Studies, Korea and the World, Chinese Social Science Quarterly, Strategy and Management, Review of the CCP History, etc. He was Robert Ho Professor of Asian Studies at Colgate University and visiting professors to Beijing University (1999), Tsinghua University (2003), Renmin University of China (2003) and is currently an adjunct professor at Renmin University of China and Luce Fellow at East Asia Institute in Seoul. His latest books include China’s Foreign Policy Making, (Ashgate, 2005)

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