New Directions in the Humanities: An Undergraduate Perspective

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Exploring the humanities from an undergraduate’s perspective, this paper discusses the current trajectory of Humanities education in the United States and argues that the international stakes of maintaining traditional approaches in America to humanities education is high. Disagreeing with those scholars that trumpet the promise of virtual reality or other non-traditional approaches to reviving the Humanities, this paper calls for revitalizing traditional Humanities education so that current and future global generations can achieve more meaningful and fulfilling lives and can establish humane and peaceful approaches to cross-cultural understanding.

Keywords: Undergraduate Experience and Perspective
Stream: History, Historiography
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Kimberly Marth

Full Time Student
Sioux City, Iowa, USA

I am a current undergraduate student in Sioux City, Iowa. I will have earned my B.A. degree in History this coming spring of 2008. I plan to attend graduate school to pursue my career goals of earning an M.A. and Ph.D. in History.

Ref: H08P0191