A Cosmopolitan Responsibility: Sociologically Approaching the Institutionalisation of Human Rights

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Sociologists have made several attempts to explain the globalisation of Human Rights and introduce a related idea of morality. This paper argues that these approaches often have shortcomings which are not only self-defeating sociologically but neglect the need to find a distinctive sociological contribution to the interdisciplinary understanding of the subject. It is argued that in re-establishing a link with its heritage of societal concern and recommendation, a sociological approach can be founded which engages more actively in providing solutions to these societal violations and helps to facilitate the increasing institutionalisation of Human Rights. A cosmopolitan approach superseding the current essentially nation-state view of responsibility for violation is argued as necessary in this process. A study of Turkey’s contemporary Human Rights problems in relation to the Armenian question illustrates the argument.

Keywords: Human Rights
Stream: Globalisation
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English

David Straw

PhD Student, Sociology Department, Leicester University
Leicester, Leicestershire, UK

I have been interested in Human Rights related issues for the past ten years - initially through the completion of an MA in Social Work at Leicester University and later after a period of teaching in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a combination of these experiences which has formed the basis of my PhD studies on Human Rights in Turkey.

Ref: H08P0136